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4D3N Lombok Adventure Tour Komodo Island

4D3N Lombok Adventure Tour Komodo Island

Departure from Bangsal using buses and transit in Senggigi (Head Office) to get a briefing on the program. And the tour continued to Labuan Lombok after arriving in Labuan Lombok continuously by a boat tour. We sail to Gili Bola. Our activities in Gili Bola see bats and see the sunset and spend the night there.

In the morning we depart from Gili Bola Moyo Island. Upon arriving on the island of Moyo you can snorkle there to see the beauty of coral reefs and fish Moyo there.After snorkeling for an hour we will continue to trekking in the extent of 300 meters into Moyo Island to visit the waterfall. When finished visiting the waterfalls, we continue to Satonda. Our activities in Satonda the snorkel to enjoy the beauty of the underwater there and also to see the salt water lake in the middle of the island. Having finished our visit Satonda continue Gili Laba and boat will sail at night.

After arriving in Gili Laba on the morning of the activity in this Island Trekking to the top of the island to enjoy the glorious panoramic landscape of Flores. After the tour continuously to Pink Beach, this beach is the best place to snorkel. Coral reefs, fish, and the beach itself is absolutely beautiful. The beach is called Pink Beach because it is pink sand beach. Pink sand comes from coral reefs in coastal abrasion visible pinky. After Completed snorkeling tour continues to Komodo Island, this is the highest point of our program. We spent 2 to 3 hours to perform tracking to see the komodos. Once on the island of Komodo we will go to Kalong Island and spend the night there. After sunset you can see a lot of bats, looking for food.

In the morning the boat will sail to Rinca Island (Loh Buaya). Our activities in Loh Buaya Trekking see Komodo. In this island, komodo will be easier to look for a variety of habitats which are smaller than in Komodo (Loh Liang), komodo in Loh Buaya also more aggressive. Besides komodos, in this island we also can see the cows, buffalo, monkeys, partridge, etc. When finished Trekking in Loh Buaya, the tour continues to the island of Moringa. We can swim and snorkel there. Of Moringa we continue to Labuan Bajo which is the end of our trip. In Labuan Bajo you can stay on the boat or find accommodation by your own.


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